Where to turn when you need to offload old electronic equipment? Try C&M Recycling, your complete electronics recycling Company. We are specialists when it comes to the responsible disposal of electronics waste (also referred to as “e-waste”).

C&M Recycling maintains reputable partnerships in order to provide responsible electronics recycling and to ensure that the system is simple and effortless for you. Our facility is fully prepared to take on large volumes of e-waste and process them in a way that is environmentally safe and most of all eco-friendly.

Our comprehensive electronics recycling program includes, computer monitor recycling, computer towers, desktops, laptops, servers, radios, CD players, DVD players, telephones, cellular phones, fax machines, printers and copiers, scanners, routers and more. We can even destroy your sensitive media hard drives. We also provide a certificate of destruction for anything your organization requires.

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